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Manta Fest Photo Festival
Yap, Micronesia
September 3rd to October 2nd 2008

Photo of Marty Snyderman
Marty Snyderman
Sep. 17 - Oct. 2, 2008
Photo of Eric Hanauer
Eric Hanauer
Sep. 17 - Oct. 2, 2008
Photo of Eric Cheng
Eric Cheng
Sep. 3 - 17, 2008
Photo of Mike Veitch
Mike Veitch
Sep. 3 - 17, 2008

The second edition of our Manta Fest series will be held in two sessions beginning September 3rd and ending October 2nd.

The first session will feature Mr. Eric Cheng and Mr. Mike Veitch, and the second session which begins on Wednesday the 17th of September through Thursday the 2nd of October will feature Mr. Eric Hanauer and Mr. Marty Snyderman. Each session has a professional digital still photographer and a professional videographer to help our guests with any of their photographic needs. There will be nightly presentations on the big outdoor screen on Mnuw as well as individual classroom seminars in the afternoons. The pros will also compile a slide show and video presentation from our guests efforts for presentation on the last day of each session with awards given to those participating. The intention is for Manta Fest to evolve into an island wide celebration involving other hotels and dive shops but for now, we are taking the lead in trying to establish this fun, education program where everyone is a winner. Come rub elbows with the top underwater shooters in the world, experience great diving and have lots of fun. To book your spot for Manta Fest 2008, please visit one of our 3 corporate sponsors: Reef and Rainforest, South Pacific Island Travel or World of Diving. All of these fine companies have been supporters of Yap and the Manta Ray Bay Hotel since we began over 20 years ago and they each have air/land packages for Manta Fest.

For reservations, contact your local dive retailer, travel agent, or our generous Manta Fest sponsors:

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